About Us

We are GreenBox Europe

Founded in 2013 by Miguel Gaudencio, producer and film director, we are a European production company with offices in Szczecin, Poland. We know how to support creative people & deliver visionary movies whatever is their type, duration and platform.

We make movies, where the priority is not the budget but the people and the ideas behind it. Sometimes we win awards or cause controversies. As the years go by, we continue to love what we do since the day we started and have never looked back. Now flying the flag for the next crop of storytellers.

We approach documentary, narrative, multimedia, and content of all kinds with the same passion and energy, for companies both large and small. Our experienced, in-house creative development and production team enable us to offer our clients several affordable options for them to infuse the branding of their product, the portrayal of their services, or depiction of their story with a uniquely cinematic element.

Since 2013

Making a Difference

Miguel Gaudencio

/ Founder & Partner / Film Director / Producer

Angelique B. Grimm

/ CEO & Partner / New Business Director / Associated Producer

Sebastian Mucha

/ Partner / Camera / Editor / Post-Production

Marcin Trzciński

/ Partner / Photographer / Associated Producer

Izabela Kartasińska

/ Production Manager

Agnieszka Jurek

/ Business Development Manager

Nataniel Mysiakowski

/ Marketing Director

Slawek Kuracinski

/ Aerial Cinematography / Associated Producer

Luis Sales

/ Composer / Sound Designer

Mila Kreft-Sietnicka

/ Junior Director